From hand-peeling lodgepole pines to intricately lasering paper-thin walnut, our workshop is outfitted for crafting all kinds of beautiful wood designs. We’re really only limited by time. Our small team tackles all of the facets of woodworking: designing, finding and choosing lumber, milling, joinery, finishing, buying tools, tool maintenance, learning (or inventing) technique, and more.

"Growing up near the peaks and retreats of the mountain west, I have a particular (and perhaps peculiar) fondness for wood—the smells, the distinct knots and grains, even the insect trails and fungi that leave behind fossil-like marks. I notice these details in every piece we choose, hoping customers notice too and enjoy their finds as much as we do." — Bear Royce

Fresh log smells (and the insects that come with them) are a part of life here in the shop. Whenever possible, we source our wood within the state of Idaho. In fact, we have relationships with local tree cutters who let us know when useful tree(s) are about to be felled in our own community. Sometimes we'll even scavenge the local dump for tree limbs befitting our ideas, or hike through Island Park on a hunt for twisted fallen pines. (Heavy snowpack does interesting things to baby trees.) 

Otherwise, our hardwoods are handpicked piece-by-piece at local mills to fit our designs and processes. We tend to favor cherry and walnut for their rich colors and excellent reaction to laser burning. Mahogany and maple are also favorites. In our piecework and inlay projects, the variety grows to include yellowheart, purpleheart, and jabote. On the other end of the spectrum, pine and birch are our go-to woods for rustic furniture, games, and decor.

Because every piece of wood is naturally different, our wood products may differ slightly from those pictured in our shop. We hope our customers are excited to receive truly one-of-a-kind items, “imperfections” and all.

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Bear and Blue Woodworking