Silkscreens are timeless tools for printing soft and hard surfaces in both small and large volumes. Setups can vary from a single wood frame hand-built in a garage, to giant automated mutli-color machines.

At Bear & Blue, our small multi-color setup is a convenient component of our internal supply chain. It enables us to get creative with various materials – from fabrics to packaging to glass – before they become finished products. So while we pride ourselves on creating a number of exclusive shirt prints – notably for Idaho visitors and residents – our complete picture goes well beyond apparel.

"Screenprinting is much harder than it looks. There’s definitely an art to it. In addition to the many steps involved and the marriage of quality materials with bases and inks, it takes a fine hand to get the look and feel just right. I dislike the feel of bulky prints, so I have sincere respect for our team and partners who get our designs just right.” — Bear Royce

Our capabilities include flatbed printing, rotary printing, and stamp printing. Contact us about exclusive designs and customization for your business.

Bear and Blue Screen Printing