Print & Packaging

In the ‘olden days’ retail packaging was often a cost-prohibitive endeavor for small or startup businesses. Nowadays, quality digital printing and computer-controlled cutters make product branding much more accessible. It no longer takes a printing press, die cutters, or customized cores to make a great impression off-the-shelf. That’s great news for companies like Bear & Blue and our wholesale customers, who need to buy and sell U.S.-made goods affordably in smaller volumes.

“I learned to design and print retail packaging the hard way, requiring a sizable budget. Today, I am thrilled to be able to match that experience with tools that can produce quality packaging virtually overnight. Our brand pops, but our customers' wallets don't. — Bear  

For years Bear has worked with the same tried-and-true American partners on retail materials. The quality and delivery only gets better over time. Tags, tape, stickers, stationery, postcards, brochures, wraps, bags, boxes and more are all a part of our capabilities portfolio. When combined with our handcrafted point-of-sale displays, they make a warm and welcoming impression.

Wholesale customers and white label partners, contact us to discuss custom-designed or co-branded retail packaging.

Bear and Blue Retail Packaging