Finding Nifty Things

Our passion for outdoorsy and heartwarming goods doesn’t end when we put down our hammers. We're also a lifestyle retailer of apparel, decor, and consumables. You’ll find many great brands in our store befitting camp, cabin, and comfortable home life.

“As much as I enjoy designing and making things, we can’t do it all here. That whole ‘finite time, money, space, and expertise’ factor can be limiting. So when our team finds something we love that’s also a good fit with Bear & Blue’s brand, we try to offer it to our customers too.

Not every manufacturer allows selling their wares online, so if you get the chance, visit our Idaho Falls store for more nifty finds.” — Bear Royce

Many products we carry are made in Idaho and the surrounding mountain region. We also prefer to support independent entrepreneurs and privately owned small businesses. But sometimes we can’t resist an amusing gift or sumptuous import. In any case, everything we carry is hand-selected by our design team, and we work to buy American brands.

If you’d like to discuss selling your products through Bear & Blue, contact us.

Nifty Things at Bear and Blue