Leatherworking is one of humankind's oldest skills, and remains an esteemed industry for making rich, durable, eye-catching wearables and décor.

Our in-house leatherworks department is small, but artistically flexible. We start our leather lines with an eye toward old-fashioned aesthetics, then take them to incredible new levels with digital design tools and techniques. Computer-controlled machines create fantastic opportunities for new creative directions. But hand work is always required for making lasting leather projects, so we break out the mallet, hand tools, needle, and thread for a handcrafted finish.

"Owning something unique and handcrafted in a world of mass-produced goods feels both time-honored and chic. Even with our advanced capabilities, our leatherworks are handmade and distinctly rustic. We design for a vintage vibe in camp and cabin life." — Bear Royce

After lots of trial and error, we finally found the perfect oil-tanned hides to suit our unique design and assembly techniques. All sourced within the U.S., our leathers have a very soft and supple feel that is resistant to water and other elements. They’re wonderfully full-bodied with the perfect combination of softness and rugged durability.

Hides sometimes show brands and healed scars that add character and enhance the rustic style of our goods. As a result, leather products may differ slightly from those pictured in our shop.

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Bear and Blue Leatherworks