Custom Design

Bear & Blue is a combined retailer and manufacturer. On the manufacturing side, we are able to offer customization on volume orders of virtually any product we produce.

Our Idaho Falls workshop is equipped as a one-stop shop for handcrafted prototyping and production. With in-house equipment ranging from lightboxes to lasers, we are the ideal partner for smaller gift shops and businesses looking to sell/give/brand something special. What’s more, we can design matching packaging, signs, and point-of-sale displays for a professional yet rustic look.

Clients can either choose to slightly alter our existing designs (for example, adding your logo/location to our copyrighted tshirts), or work with us to create something totally custom. The tshirts, mugs, magnets, key chains, dishtowels, posters, postcards etc. that you see in gift shops are all items we can do. But we’d rather help you get out of that box with distinctive offerings.

Our website displays only a sampling of the thousands of items that we can make. Please read more about our capabilities and peruse our brand. See where your imagination takes you.

Textiles & Sewing
Stencils & Paint
Print & Packaging
Point of Sale

Is there a minimum requirement for custom orders?

Minimums are not so much a requirement as a recommendation. Typically, it depends on the manufacturing process. You’ll always get better pricing via economies of scale on some custom goods. The more items you order, the more items there are to split the fixed costs of design, set up, and labor.

For example, we suggest ordering at least 24 tshirts at a time (six per size) for better supplier price breaks and shared preparation costs. The more, the better. Wood and leather goods, on the other hand, are labor intensive whether you order ten or ten thousand.

Can retailers get exclusive rights to sell in an area?

Gift shops in small tourist towns have asked us about exclusivity. They want to offer something different from the other shops on the street... Which is a tall order in places like, say, Salmon Idaho where not too many manufacturers make quality Salmon souvenirs in small quantities.

Yes, we will offer exclusivity on designs to brick-and-mortar stores across a radius of ten miles. We ask that orders reach $1500 over the course of a year. We maintain the copyrights on anything we create unless they are purchased by contract. With purchased copyrights, all digital assets will be turned over.

How do we get started?

Drop us an intro and tell us what you have in mind.
We can talk more at your office/store or in our Idaho Falls store.