Wine, Women, & Wood



Wine, Women & Wood 5-7-20: Tiki Torches (Easy)
Another fun project for up-cycling wine bottles: Citronella torches for backyard & camp using copper hardware. Pretty! We're going a step beyond the basic look with a variety of backer boards plus copper wire and metal charms & beads to...
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Wine, Women & Wood 5-16-20: Fairy Gardens
If you've ever wanted to build a fairy garden, you know a good set of materials can run $300+ retail. We're able to do it at about half because we're ordering in volume for this workshop! We'll have lots of fun things to...
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Wine, Women & Wood 10-3-20: Mud Reaper (Difficult)
Sign up AT LEAST two weeks in advance and we will CUSTOM-design and cut materials on the laser for you to contour three foam tombstones with your leftover mud. Choose your own wording, included in the workshop price! (We just need plenty of...
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Wine, Women & Wood 9-12-20: Wood "Patchwork Quilt" Mural
MEDIUM DIFFICULTY. Create something big, warm, rustic, dynamic for your wall with pre-cut 45-degree pieces of pine that you puzzle your way, stain or paint, and frame (optional). Pre-cut backboards will range size to 1x2's 2x2's 2x3's 2x4's 2x6's 3x4's 2x8's to...
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Wine, Women & Wood 8-8-20: Rolling Backyard/Cave Bar
Pictures shown are EXAMPLES ONLY; you'll have creative flexibility, and the bar front will be SOLID, not an open palette grid... We will be demonstrating how any ugly but well-built palette can become fun furniture with a little extra investment and creative...
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