"Made in Idaho" Huckleberry Spa Set in Wood Gift Crate
Our fun "spa sets" assembled into handmade wood boxes & crates contain 100% made-in-Idaho products, carefully selected to represent the state's luscious aromas. Huckleberry Lemon Sugar Scrub Cubes Huckleberry Lemon Body Butter Huckleberry Lemonade Soap Honey & Huckleberry Soap Huckleberry Harvest Bath Bomb...
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Diabla's Kitchen Soap Collection (Idaho Falls)
Diabla's Kitchen carefully crafted soaps wash away irritants and cooking scents (fish, garlic, onion). These unique blends are also available at the restaurant in downtown Idaho Falls, Idaho. Sample Bars about 1 ounce Sink Bars 1.75 to 2 ounces Bath Bars 3.5 to 4 ounces Vitamin E...
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